20 Reasons Why Winter on Campus is the Worst


Most universities have started up their “spring” semester or will be by next Monday. On the other hand, you may go to a very unique college which gave you the option to start class on January 3rd and finish on January 24th right before the long semester begins. That’s right, you can take one or two 3 credit classes and finish in a short 3 weeks (if you’re brave). If you choose not to take classes then that just means you get an extra long break to stay home or move back to campus and do absolutely nothing but relax and occasionally work (like me). Whether you are taking classes during this time or are just hanging out it still sucks to be on campus in the middle of winter, especially in the ridiculous state we live in. Let me tell you why…

1.) I have all of this free time and have no idea what to do with it, especially since I don’t work until 10pm every night.

2.) The rec is in walking distance and this is the perfect time to get rid of that “winter chub” but it’s so cold outside and I don’t feel like getting bundled up like the kid in A Christmas Story.

3.) Actually, the rec is kinda far and I could totally drive but my car is frozen and I locked my keys in the car…again (AAA is my bff)

4.) Since I have nothing to do I am the DD. Not the kind that drives around intoxicated individuals but the kind that wakes up and takes everyone to class or picks them up so they don’t have to walk in the frozen tundra.

5.) I have fallen on my ass…twice.

6.) I am at a constant battle between whether I’m hungry or if I’m just bored. It’s usually both.

7.) I can’t decide if I want to be warm or if I want to take a loan out for my bill next month. Lots and lots of blankets.

8.) I have started four different shows on Netflix. Binge watching is real, it should be a national concern. My life feels out of control. Just kidding…but seriously.

9.) Everything on/off campus has weird hours because not everyone is back yet. Is it really too much for Starbucks to stay open an extra two hours? I think not.

10.) Going out is a struggle: heels = icy slippery death, dress = frostbite, yoga pants/sweatshirt combo = “you look like a bum”.

11.) My friends are so close yet so far away. No one wants to leave their house so we all just stay cozy in our own areas. It’s not that bad but it gets kind of lonely (I’m also just extremely lazy).

12.) Class is never really canceled, just delayed, but the delay ends right before your first class starts so it doesn’t even affect you at all. That’s the best. Or not.

13.) Every time I want to order food no one is delivering because the roads are too bad but I’m not getting in the car either. Hmmm. Wonder what I have in the freezer that’s edible…

14.) I have seen the same wintery perfect snow picture of our campus 1,000 times on Instagram and Facebook. We all know we have the most gorgeous campus.

15.) Drive-thru’s are impossible because my windows are constantly frozen shut.

16.) I never know what time it is. Oh, it’s 17:00? Honestly thought it was midnight…

17.) When I do decided to venture outside, it always ends with snow in my gloves, pants, and down my back. Oh joy.

18.) Everyone is sick. I’m sorry but if you are sick please take care of yourself and get better, no need to spread it around campus.

19.) Only 5 of the usual 9 roommates are here which means that the bills for this month are doubled. Boooo.

20.) I have become emotionally attached to my bed. This is going to be rough when I actually have to get up and go to class.

(Original picture of snow art: http://www.961kiss.com/onair/freak-show-page-2-46994/university-of-miami-ohio-makes-giant-11904615/)


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