Dear OU (of Ohio),



Dear OU (of Ohio),

I, along with my housemates and a few other concerned students in Oxford, would like to send our deepest condolences to your University as a whole. Last week it was brought to our attention that your unfortunate city of Athens, Ohio celebrated a Green Beer Day in an attempt to undermine one of the most epic, long-standing college drinking traditions in the country: Green Beer Day, founded in Oxford at Miami University in 1952. It is quite unfortunate that most of the undergraduate experiences are spent coming up with one lame party after the next. Green Beer Day? Could you have thought of anything less original? At least it was moved to Wednesday. As for the Fests, I’m sure those are a blast but they’re all named after sad numbers and boring streets. What is even more disappointing about your Green Beer Day is that you thought yours could be done better than ours. This is where I regret to inform you that your little party was nothing compared to what will be unfolding here in Oxford in the next few days. Not sure why this act of unoriginality came as a surprise, nothing more should be expected from a University on the decline. Point is last Wednesday meant nothing; it was a small blip on the radar of St. Paddy’s Day related festivities. Maybe next time you guys can hold a brainstorming session and come up with something that suits your style better, maybe something a little more trashy (Mill Fest, maybe?) We’ll forgive you this time and if you need help planning a rager that is on the level Green Beer Day then I’ll have my people get in touch with your people, just email me the trailer number.

Sincerely, The Concerned Students in Oxford


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.39.07 AM

Article from The Post (Athens, Ohio) which prompted my post.

*Submitted by a contributing Drunken Undergrad writer



  1. mklongwell · March 17, 2015

    Reblogged this on mklongwell.


  2. Rufus · March 17, 2015

    Dear Drunken Undergrad (catchy name by the way, I hope your future employer enjoys that one…),

    You’re irrelevant and obviously undereducated. I’m sorry that your daddy’s money is going to waste at good ole’ Miami of OHIO (since you go to a school that needs to verify what state it’s in). Please get your facts straight and don’t let your FOMO (fear of missing out) continue to get the best of you. We’ll all take a shot for you on Saturday at High Fest.
    You’re always welcome at our “trailers,” because we’re all just nice like that, unlike you, who is continuing the negative reputation of Miami.

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  3. Jon · March 17, 2015

    Damn for a hiccup it sure seemed to bother you sad stuck up snobs. You guys enjoy your green beer day and we will enjoy our St. Pattys day twice… The way it should be celebrated. Then probably hit up the bars the rest of the week while you guys sulk and cry about your weak ass hangovers and clean your cargo shorts you puked on the night before.

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  4. oflifeandlace · March 17, 2015

    I don’t know why OU is being criticized when there are numerous other schools that celebrate Green Beer Day, not just us. Also with the success of our Fests they don’t need any other name. If Miami is so much better than OU, then why do I meet plenty of kids from Miami at our fests? The ignorance and jealousy of this post astounds me. You may think we’re trashy, but we’re classy enough to not write entire blog posts bashing you. But that’s none of my business, right?


  5. Kadin Goodwell · March 17, 2015

    You guys stay salted. 😂😂😂 Miami flocks to #13fest like everyone else. No one flocks to your school for a fest, nor can we name them. Maimi is the type of school that thinks its the oldest in Ohio, even though its beat by 6 years.

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  6. magnata12 · March 17, 2015

    This is cute that you think either of these schools are relevant.

    – THE Ohio State University student
    #undisputed #buckeyeordie

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    • greenandwhite · March 17, 2015

      At least our schools are comprised of mostly Ohio students who love education, rather than out of state students flocking to a city obsessed with sweaty men in plastic helmets. Let us know how your “fests” go, since all of my friends who go to OSU are coming to OU for ours.

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      • NowAndAgain · March 17, 2015

        Hahahahaa oh this was brilliant. “Students who love education”? What education?? And please, you’d be obsessed over “sweaty mean in plastic helmets” if yours were anything to even cheer for.


    • Kayla · March 18, 2015

      This is not your argument stfu. -__-


  7. FrankSinatrasCigarette · March 17, 2015

    You both are petty children compared to The Ohio State University


    • Kayla · March 18, 2015

      No one said anything about OSU you pig headed cocksucker ! Not everything is about you assholes. #GetAMotherFuckingLife


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  9. Sipping Scotch Senior · March 17, 2015

    I do not think there will ever be a Miami student who claims that this disgrace of a blog post represents Miami University well. Green Beer Day at Miami is a marvelous tradition and needs no explanation or defense. Anyone who has actually participated in the festivities as an upperclassman, and not just an underage sophomore/freshman drinking spiked green juice at a fraternity party would know that. As for Ohio University’s attempt to mimic our tradition, we’re flattered that you consider our legendary celebration worth copying. I mean no disrespect toward OU or it’s students in saying that you copied us. As for Drunken Undergrad, maybe you belong at a branch campus. I’m sure Hamilton or Middletown would enjoy your less intelligent humor.

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  10. Amanda Hagley · March 17, 2015
  11. jonkb79 · March 17, 2015

    OU Halloween is mentioned nationally by various publications. Never Heard of Green Beer Day at Miami (of Ohio). Maybe someday it will become a contender.


  12. poiuyt · March 17, 2015

    Jesus, this article is pathetic. Oxford doesn’t own green beer and it’s a lame novelty anyway. You can keep asserting that Miami “parties harder” than OU but remember that nobody over the age of 19 gives a flying fuck, but from this blog’s name I should’ve already known that that’s your target demographic.


    • collegeundergrad · March 17, 2015

      An “Undergrad” refers to any body that is pursuing an undergraduate degree from any accredited University. Of course a blog titled “Drunken Undergrad” is going to be targeted towards people who are in college.


  13. fuckcollege · March 17, 2015

    how about both suck. nothing better to do but argue ovre who can drink more and who started the drinking day first. how about lets see both places go one day without a dui.


  14. MIAMI OH · March 17, 2015

    So much OU salt. I love it lol


  15. Jay · March 17, 2015

    The fact that you feel like you need to publicly criticize another school on social media shows your jealousy and weak character. There is no reason to attack OU. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more stuck up and conceited post in my entire life. Stop acting like a brat. Be nice. And move on. You should not let any other college infringe on your college experience. You’re only causing drama and I can’t imagine today will be any fun for you because you’ll probably just have this on your mind all day.


  16. Rufus · March 17, 2015

    See you at 13Fest, fuck boys

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  17. Miami student · March 17, 2015

    As a current Miami student who has many friends that have gone to OU I would like to set the record straight. Many of us Miamians come party at OU because its a great environment, great people, and most importantly great events. From Halloween to number fest OU out does itself every year. But lets just say the student body at Miami decides to throw a concert festival during the spring and we happen to call it ‘number fest’ and released on article stating “Miami does it better than OU” How would OU feel? Some of us respect your fests and travel a long way to attend to them because they are always a blast. We respect the fact we could never out do OU’s events because after all you created them. That’s why we come party with you. GBD is our baby as number fest is yours and I think our student body felt disrespected. Why don’t you guys attend our GBD? We would love to have you too!

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    • collegeundergrad · March 17, 2015

      Thank you for saying this.


    • Confused OU Student · March 17, 2015

      Understandable. But what upsets OU students about this article is that nobody in Athens was even aware that Green Beer Day was a Miami tradition, and now we’re being collectively insulted and accused of trying to “compete” with Miami. It’s likely that the originators of Green Beer Day at OU may have gotten the idea from Miami, but as far as the student body was concerned, we were celebrating an early St. Patty’s day and/or our school colors. Green Beer Day in Athens wasn’t some huge event that was meant to compete with Oxford’s party… honestly, it was just another Wednesday… except the beer was green.

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    • collegeundergrad · March 17, 2015

      First off, your street names were never called boring, rather just the streets themselves. Yes, we also have a High Street but I was referring to those specifically located in Athens, Ohio. Next, I would like to applaud your detective skills as they seem to be unparalleled, but unfortunately all of these posts are not written by the same person and for you to buy into the negative stereotypes associated with sorority women (“daddy’s money) just puts you on my level. Finally, I would like to apologize for not providing a picture, but you of all people should know that words speak louder.


    • collegeundergrad · March 17, 2015

      P.S. If Miami University never once registered on the radar of any OU student then maybe it wouldn’t have been mentioned in an article published by The Post with comments from Ohio University student’s stating, “We can do it better than Miami”. ( This is what prompted me to write this post, surely you would know about writing blog posts an attempt to defend what you love.


  19. Sarah · March 17, 2015

    ok you guys have one day out of the whole year and you think you’re better. 😂


  20. luke · March 18, 2015

    You’re the reason Miami has to constantly deal with defending its reputation as an elistist and bigotted institution, Go fuck Yourself. Who cares if they have a green beer day? its like 3 hours away, get drunk yourself and quit bitching


  21. Sammie · March 18, 2015

    No one was trying out do your green beer day dude. I’m so happy that you love your GBD day. That’s awesome. Do you know how many other schools celebrate GBD? It’s funny that you think Miami is the only school to have a GBD. It wasn’t even that big of a deal here, it was a normal Wednesday with green beer. Maybe you should stop being so catty and find something better to do. It’s people like you that give Miami it’s bad reputation, but hey keep doing what you’re doing to withhold that.


  22. A concerned Miami Student · March 18, 2015

    Can’t we all just be friends?

    My best friend goes to OU and I have visited your guy’s campus multiple times. To be honest I have nothing but respect, for your campus, parties, and students.

    I went to your guy’s HallOUween and it was kickass. Best Halloween I have experienced by far.

    I think the main problem the writer is bringing up is that even though you guys state that you didn’t take it from us, the article he references states that “we do it better than Miami” right in the post.

    Just as your HallOUween has a wikipedia page and is nationally recognized:

    Our Green Beer Day also has a wikipedia page and is nationally recognized:

    Honestly I feel more hate comes from Athens than Miami when it comes to this dumb “rivalry” stuff that goes on every year.

    When I went to Athens if I mentioned I went to Miami I would almost instantly get a retort back or get judged by someone. Which honestly is not cool.

    When my best friend came here to Miami no one cared, or cares. Hell one of my classmates instantly chirped up that your guys Halloween is awesome. I mean we may joke about it here but honestly we’re not serious about any of it.

    Not that there is no hate here towards OU.

    Either way the hate needs to stop. We’re both old and respected OHIO universities. Why do we feel the need to fight when we should be celebrating the similarities, and greatness of both of our school’s festivities that go on throughout the year.

    I say fuck the rivarly. I hope your guy’s GBD was great, and I’m glad you guys got to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day as a school.

    I hope to see you all at HallOUween next year, and you’re all more than welcome to join us here for our Green Beer Day!


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  23. jessicadawnwebb · March 18, 2015

    so many lists made about college campuses, so many times Miami is never mentioned.


    • collegeundergrad · July 14, 2015

      Awkward, we were named #1 college town in America. I looked a few times but I do not see Athens, OH on this list? Hmm.


  24. TooOldForThis · March 19, 2015

    I’m an OU alum who graduated 5 years ago and Green Beer Day existed in Athens when I was a student there, this is not new. Lots of universities celebrate GBD, Miami you may have started it but you’re not the only one.

    As many of the people here said, it is not a big deal –basically just an excuse to day drink…a typical day in Athens where the beer just happens to be green. Who cares?!

    Also for the poster who is offended bc The Post article said “we do it better than Miami”, neither The Post nor Ohio University or the student body as a whole said that. It was a quote from one student. Who come on, “studies mathematics”, so we can all bet she had 3 green beers and passed out in a corner somewhere.

    College is an awesome experience, so everyone enjoy their beer, green or not and get over it.

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  25. The Bellicose Bobcat · March 19, 2015

    I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say “let’s go to Miami for green beer day” I would have 0 dollars and 0 cents. If I had a penny for the amount of non-OU students I met at mill fest last weekend, I’d have bar money for the rest of the month. Feel free to go nuts while adding green food coloring to pale ale once a year, Miami. That’s one hell of a tradition nobody else has heard of. Meanwhile, us bobcats are gearing up for real traditions. Don’t believe me? Go google search biggest block parties in the US and behold the result. The bottom line is, the redhawk can stand and fight or fly away. The result is the same. The bobcat will be there to kill it as it has done forever.


  26. Bill · March 20, 2015

    The author is attempting to get attention through provocation. It’s pitiful to see someone trumpet his low state of consciousness as if it were something to be proud of. He ought to enjoy his own party and let OU students enjoy theirs. Also, his writing is embarrassing. He calls Athens unfortunate and calls the OU party disappointing but doesn’t state his reasons. It’s a pretty hollow and overzealous loyalty to Miami that’s being displayed here, especially for a 19-year-old who’d probably be celebrating green day with perhaps a rational approach to writing if he’d attended, say, the OU school of journalism instead.


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